My husband and I have never been very much into Valentine's Day (read: we don't celebrate it), but lately I have been practicing self-love a lot more. And it never hurts to give yourself a present every now and then, right? With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I've been in full heart-eye emoji mode with these pretties... My February Faves!

I know some things on this list will probably take really long before I can afford to buy them (hello 2:55 Chanel bag), but it never hurts to dream. 

What do you usually give for Valentine’s gifts? Are you dropping any of these items as hints to your significant other?

February gifts


Straw bags are really hot right now... I see them poppin' up everywhere I look or go.

Straw Bags

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8.

And straw bags remind me of all things summer. The thing is: temperatures are letting us down here in Belgium. Our Saturday was nice though, but it wasn't super warm, hot or sunny as I expected it to be. 

Maybe after many grey, cold days it is why I am dreaming of warmer summer days! You know, like wearing your latest bikini, taking your prettiest straw bag or tote with a book, magazines, sunglasses and some water and go to the beach for a day. That kind of feeling. ;-) 

Though I already have a super cool beach bag, there's always room for a pretty straw bag like these ones here! Maybe one of my favourites must be the vintage looking one from Cult Gaia - I see it literally everywhere. I have been eyeing that one and maybe 1, 3 and 5 as well. Naaaah, who am I kidding? I love all 8...

Do you have any favourites? What do you think of the straw bag trend? Are you a fan?




We had a rather warm Sunday yesterday. And everyone felt happy. I love those sunny days in spring when you can already feel it's getting warmer and you're counting the days until summer. (I cannot wait until summer arrives, to be honest) When I saw the sun was shining this morning, I put on the most sunny colour you can pick: yellow! If that doesn't lift your mood, I don't know what will. And I guess you could say this is - sort of - my very first outfit post I'm doing on my blog, ha! 

The hubby and I did a little afternoon stroll with our boys through the city of Bruges, ate ice-cream in the best Italian gelateria in Bruges (Da Vinci) and went back home after we noticed the sun had disappeared behind grey clouds again. We had enough sunshine in Belgium to have our batteries reloaded!


If you're wondering what I wore...

yellow blazer / marine white striped long sleeve sweater / high waist jeans / sneakers / Michael Kors bag (similar one by Michael Kors)

Just a little question... would you love to see more outfit posts on my blog? I'd love to hear!


I got a gift from my hubby and kids: this pretty bag!
Jules and Louis Blog - A Pretty Bag

Hello you gorgeous! Miss Piggy (me) found this stunner and I had to take him home with me. Oh, I love you, Kermit... :) Miss Piggy out.

I found this pretty bag at Jules & Marie, a cool little boutique in Brasschaat. I already mentioned this shop earlier in my travelogue this week. They sell all kinds of brands, mostly for kids, but lately they also have apparel and accessories for men and women! And when I saw this pretty bag I knew I had to take it home with me. And now, thanks to my sweet hubby and kids I got my little froggy friend... (smile!)

It is a small clutch that you can turn into a bag, and it looks perfect for summertime! As you can see it is from the brand Essentiel Antwerp. I am definitely going to use this stunner more when it gets warmer. Usually I go for bags that are more neutral (just plain black or cognac leather), but this one is so much fun!! You can style it with pretty much anything, any fun simple dress without too many prints would look great with it. Or combined with a jeans and t-shirt or with a maxi dress... That's how I would style it. 

Oh and wait... before you go: did you see the back of this little bag? It made him look even more cooler than I thought he was with little ol' Kermit on the front. :)

And now it's your turn to tell me: do you have any favourite bags or clutches you always carry with you? I'm always interested in expanding my bag (or shoe) collection, haha!