A serious case of wanderlust never hurt nobody.

A few weeks ago my colleague arrived back to the office with a lot of stories of his travels to Costa Rica. And with that came a serious case of wanderlust tickling me. Lately I feel like going places. Definitely somewhere tropical, as I always prefer warmer weather when I leave on vacation. That is why I want to share some of the places I'm dreaming to go to someday. Here’s my current list of places I’d love to go to…


Thanks to the prettiest blog Gal Meets Glam I discovered how pretty Charleston in Georgia is!

Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - pink house via Gal Meets Glam
Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - photo with bike via Gal Meets Glam
Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - photo via Gal Meets Glam

All pictures via Gal Meets Glam

And from what I once read, I also learned that Charleston is in fact one of the oldest cities in the USA. It is charismatic and definitely looks romantic. It is a city for savoring - I know that the South offers great food (that I would love to try out someday), hospitality and great music, so no wonder this is one of the many cities on my travel bucket list!


Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - Ibiza Can Pardal
Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - Streets of Ibiza

1.  Can Pardal, 2. Style Me Pretty

Be still my bohemian loving heart! I'd love to explore the more peaceful side of Ibiza, or Eivissa, as it is also lovingly called by the Catalan. Everyone knows what Ibiza’s all about at night. But before all the clubs the pretty Balearic island was where artists, and other free spirits and hippies found their peace. And it still does attract all kinds of visitors. 

Jules and Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - Ibiza beach

Picture 3: Style Me Pretty

I know it is calling my name for a few years now. I am dying to explore the more rural Ibiza, with its mellow vibe, its pristine and sometimes rough, rocky coastlines and beaches, the white churches and the pretty nature. Ok, bye bye now... I'm already there (I wish). :-)


Jules en Louis Blog - A Serious Case of Wanderlust - Copenhagen

Picture: CNTraveller

A less tropical or bohemian destination, but still gorgeous looking: Copenhagen. This is one of the many citytrips on my current bucket list of places I want to see. I just know my design loving heart will go bonkers with all those Scandinavian design and interior shops there! Just look at the cute pastel coloured houses in the city... That city is definitely eye-catching.

Now you know my top three destinations I'd love to do (immediately). I have other favourite places too I have never visited before, like St. Barth's, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and some pretty Greek islands, but including them would make this post too long, haha. So, what kind of destinations are on your bucket list? Please do share them with me, maybe I can add a few other destinations to my never-ending list. ;-)


What to see and do when in Brasschaat, Antwerp!
Jules and Louis Blog - My Travelogue - Brasschaat

No wonder my hometown Brasschaat deserves to come first in my very first travelogues I've planned to post. Brasschaat is green, with a huge park, and quiet and pretty to live there. Yet there is always something fun to do. And only a 15-minute drive away from the big city Antwerp (which will also be in one of the upcoming travelogues I have planned). I hope to go back someday, but first let me tell you what there is to see and do! 

To drink & eat

Noël et Moi: Wenke, the owner, switched careers just recently and left her fashion career to start up this modern yet very relaxed and trendy place, named after her son. It is a perfect place to have a drink here, breakfast or lunch. Located in the centre of Brasschaat, it is a perfect stop to have a break after all the shopping you can do at the Bredabaan, the main street where you can find all the shops.

Visbar: for everyone who's into fish - this is the place to be! Fresh fish, served in a modern and trendy atmosphere. You can even take your lunch outside, on the cosy patio where you can enjoy some sun. One of the co-owners, Liesbet, used to go to the same primary school as me, we're old class mates. ;)

To shop

Jules & Marie: a little stylish multi-brand boutique where you can shop clothing and accessories for your little fashionista's (girls & boys), and lately they have added a small section for (young) adults, yay! They're super friendly, the store is so stylishly decorated and the girls always help you look for the right size or something else you need. I love to hop over once in a while and see what new things they have in store.

2Soeurs: This shop is one I have visited already a few times without buying anything, although I love to enter their shop! It is so welcoming and relaxed to walk through and they have a great variety of brands - great for the grown-up fashionista's among us. ;) 

Les Filles d'Anvers: Here you always get friendly service and advice, and it always smells so nice in their shop! Les Filled d'Anvers is a concept store with beautiful women's clothes, shoes, bags and candles. They have a lot of different, unique brands. Always worth a visit, especially when the summer collection is in! It makes you want to buy everything and go pack your bags and travel to Ibiza - everything has a kind of Ibiza-style. They also sell a rather extended collection of Voluspa candles (my favourites!) at the back of their shop!

Scotch & Soda: although a lot of you may know this brand and it is not an independent boutique like the others I have mentioned here, I love to stop by this shop in the centre of Brasschaat. Just because they're always friendly and you can also find a children's collection of their brand at the back of the store. I love S&S as you usually find a lot of special clothing with fun prints or a fun accessory. 

Corifeo: Last but not least, Corifeo is also an important one on my list as I love to walk through their lifestyle store (it also smells so good when you enter). One of my last buys was a dark grey sweater with the letters "Brasschaetoise" telling everyone from where I am. ;) They have all the big brands, from Hay to Muuto, Serax... you name it! And if you're looking for decoration or furniture, stationery or just a cute accessory - they have it. And can I say how remarkable their service is? I love how the shop owner is to all of his customers, even if they don't buy and just look around. Everyone gets treated the same: respectful, friendly and always with a big smile, as it should be!

To take away

Poule et Poulette: One place to definitely mention in my list, since I've stopped by here many times, is Poule et Poulette! I said it before, but again: friendly service here and so-yummy chicken! Everything chicken related can be bought here. I usually buy the pre-fried chicken wings and ask for their oriental sauce. (I'm drooling again...)

A must see/visit

Jules and Louis Blog - My Travelogue - Kasteel van Brasschaat

Park & Kasteel van Brasschaat: This castle was the venue for our wedding, which is already more than 10 years ago... It is so pretty when you get to see the inside!! And the view from the terraces on both sides of the castle are stunning! It is on all sides surrounded by park, a pond and lots of greenery. Definitely worth a walk.

The Boathouse: If you're in a romantic mood, you can still row a boat at the pond next to the wooden boathouse. It is so picturesque! The boathouse itself was used as a dressing back in the 1800's for people to put on their swimming suits... Nowadays you can rent a boat on the pond (for 5 euros/half hour) and bring your own bottle of bubbles in the boat -  or eat waffles, pancakes or an ice cream in the little wooden boathouse. I used to eat a lot there with my grandparents, when I was little!

The Rose Garden: this is where my pictures were taken when I did my first and Holy Communion (yikes!). I hated getting my pictures taken (I still do by the way) but I love walking through the rose garden nowadays. So pretty with so many different species of roses... This is a place in the park where you just have to stop and smell the roses!

All pictures by Love & Light Photography

Well, this was my round-up of places and shops in Brasschaat where you definitely need to stop! There are two more to come soon, but I'd love to hear from you what travelogues you'd love to read about in the future!


Can you tell I'm longing for more warm, sunny days with this gorgeous home at St. Barth's?

Be warned: you will want to pack your bags for this pretty stunner!

Jules and Louis Blog - Villa Palmier at St. Barth's - dog in front of gate
Jules and Louis Blog - Villa Palmier at St. Barth's - living room

One of the two things I always love doing is looking at homes. Ever since I was a child I always wondered what you could find behind closed doors and windows. How the interior would look like. And I still wonder. I love to get inspiration from looking at beautiful homes. And secondly, I have always had a serious case of wanderlust. Now with our two little boys traveling became less important but nevertheless I keep on dreaming of dreamy destinations... Especially when I laid eyes on this gorgeous home tour at St. Barth's, a place I'm dreaming of to visit someday. And what is even better? You can rent this little rad place too! I'm obsessed!

Jules and Louis Blog - Villa Palmier at St. Barth's - swimming pool
Jules and Louis Blog - Villa Palmier at St. Barth's - living room details

Funny enough, two years ago I contacted photographer Kate Holstein, via my previous blog Simply Fabulous Chic. I asked her if I could use some of her pictures to show on my blog. No problem, she replied. She really got that dreamy style in all of her pictures that I loved, and I had to showcase some of them. 

Jules and Louis Blog - Villa Palmier at St. Barth's - patio

When I learned this home, Villa Palmier, was renovated by her and her husband, I immediately knew I was going to love it even more! It turns out they visited the island one day, absolutely fell in love with it and renovated this little villa on the St. Barth's island in a dreamy, French, natural style. Can we blame them? I'd do it too in an instant, if I had enough money, haha! They really knew how to nail that easy-breezy yet elegant design style. The interior ticks off all the boxes for me: it all looks so pretty, with lots of white and natural accent pieces, that is what makes this home even more calming and relaxing to be in. I could live here. Like forever. I just added this to my bucket list of must-visit-places, I'm guessing you already did that too? Anyway, be sure to hop over to their blog to see how they truly transformed this place into heaven!

Drooling already? ;)

Photo credits: Kate Holstein, via Villa Palmier