Today I'm wondering what home really means to me...
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Home sweet home. That is exactly how I feel like when coming home after a long hard day at work. Especially these days, because the past few weeks have taken its toll on me for many different reasons. So you can imagine how much I love coming home! 

I was wondering the other day what home means to me. It is a safe haven, our home. It's where I feel most at ease and comfortable. It is the same when I visit my parents' house, where I immediately feel relaxed as well. It is only normal, I guess, because it's the home where I grew up in. Although it's not only their house, it's also the place that gives me that relaxing feeling... We now live just outside of the city of Bruges in a small part of town where all is quiet and our neighbours are always friendly and helpful. It's good where we live. I love living here, although I sometimes wished we lived a bit closer...where I grew up. It's strange and difficult to explain. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home. There is this feeling I still have and had when I first saw our house - love at first sight. I do still think of our home as the most pretty one in the whole street!

My biggest wish would be to work from home the majority of my time (which, I'm proud to say, I'm working hard on to realise my goal/wish). And no... I hear you thinking, I wouldn't mind spending so much time at my home. Would you? To be honest, I also love to spend a lot of my personal time - when we have nothing planned in a weekend - within the comfort of my own four walls. You know, at home is best. :-) Yes, I sound like a total boring hermit, haha. I know I'm not, it's just that I prefer being at ease at home with my family. One of my other dreams is to spend a day relaxing in bed, with the kids playing (and no arguments or fights), reading books, drinking tea and in the evening have my husband cook us dinner and me and the kids are enjoying the appetizers. But that is probably all too much of me to wish for! ;-)

And to make sure you guys don't think of me as a complete nun, I do get out of my house once in a while, haha! I love traveling so much - and I never want to go back when I'm out exploring the places I'm going to, but when I've arrived home, I'm happy to be back as well. And I do get out to shop, to have a walk at the beach or to go out with friends and enjoy some great laughs, food and wine. But I always sigh with contentment when I open our front door and I get to kick off my heels or sneakers and curl up in my sofa and just enjoy my home. I guess you could say that home is my happy place. It's where I feel most comfortable and safe.

There are, of course, other people out there who might not get what I'm talking about. When I take a look at my close friends, I know there are a lot of different personalities - the extraverts, the party animals and the wanderers who love to travel and don't want to stay at home when they have a few days off, to the more introverts and the ones like me who are most happy at home... So, I was wondering, are you a homebody too? Do you refuel your batteries at home or elsewhere? Is "Home Sweet Home" exactly how you feel as well, when coming home? What does home mean to you?