I could read for days, weeks, heck... even months! I love to unwind with books.

Jules and Louis Blog - Unwinding With Books - flowers and stack of books

Lately the stack of books I have bought recently is growing rapidly. It is what I love to do. Curling up with a book in my sofa and a good cup of tea. Seriously. The best. Since my burnout last year I had the most pleasure when reading books (that, and painting or practicing modern calligraphy). It was what made me unwind and what made me calmer.  Just as buying books is like a treat to me.

As a busy mom, I sadly don’t get much time out of my day to read, but I always make sure to have a book available for a rare quiet moment. The books I have at home are mostly true stories, biographies and some novels of which the story line sounded pretty awesome. And I guess you could say I'm also a nerd for pretty book covers. The prettier a book or novel looks, the more I want to have it. 

Jules and Louis Blog - Unwinding With Books - stack of books

Books make a house a home. They are one of the easiest ways to add interest and personality to a room. And they also tell a little bit about yourself, what kind of books and stories you are into. Like coffee table books, they're a pretty excuse to leave everywhere in your home. ;-)

The stack of books you see in the pictures are Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson (great addition to my healthy reads), When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, I Never Believed In Love At First Sight Until I Saw Ibiza by Anne Poelmans (only available in Dutch) and Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (I'm reading the Dutch version).

I thought this post was a great way to share more about my love for reading. Here's what I'm loving/reading right now (and what I'm planning to read):

Do you want to feel inspired in the kitchen? Definitely check out the latest cook book of Dagny - Easy Nordic! I love it, I talked about her cook book in this post! Oh and the Donna Hay on the 4 seasons is great too - both are great, with simple, delicious and healthy recipes.

Or are you looking for a beautiful children's book? My last book I bought was 'All through my town', a story written by Jean Reidy and published by Bloomsbury USA. Leo Timmers was the one who illustrated the book. It's perfect with the rhyming and the pretty illustrations - our youngest boy loves it! For my Dutch speaking readers: you can find this book under the title 'Wij Samen Op Stap'.

Looking for a good beach read? I have just bought the novel 'Big Little Lies' which was already high on my to-read list. But I also want to get The Vacationers by Emma Straub and Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. These are definitely high on my list and I think they're great books for summer!

Oh and my most favourite books of all time must be Matilda, The Witches and the BFG by Roald Dahl. They still belong to my all-time favourites.

So tell me... what are your favourite books of all time? What’s next on your reading list? Are you also a book worm like me? I’d love to know!