It is here, the new website!

Yaaaay (cue the confetti)!!! I've relaunched my website, what do you think of my revamped online place here? Looks soooo much prettier, right?

As you all know, or maybe not, I started with this new blog and website around November or December 2016. I decided to go with Squarespace and it felt nice to be able to play around with the design. Although I still had doubts about the overall look and feel - I tried to capture myself in it, but I'm no designer. At all.

And then there was Rachel Gadiel from Femme Boss! I am so thankful I had the chance to work with her on the makeover of my website, because she transformed this whole place into something lovely and prettier as I ever could imagine! She's so talented and awesome to work with. You should definitely check out her website and blog, oh and her latest podcasts - so inspiring to listen to!

What else is new? You can see a section on my homepage, when you scroll down, where I mention "Workshops". I'm planning a small creative get-together for beginners on modern calligraphy/lettering soon. If that goes well, than there will be more of them! It is something that is still baking in my oven, just as my webshop. I had hoped to get the online shop up and running, together with the relaunch of my new website, but that didn't happen. I'm working hard to get it all done, so watch out for the launch of my shop on my social media and here on the blog!

Oh, and before I forget... you should also be on the look out for a cool giveaway, as a gift when the shop opens. Coming very soon!

Take care pretties, and have a fun week!

Inge x