A simple but so easy recipe to make your own rosemary salt & sugar scrub and gift it to your Valentine or best friend...
Jules and Louis Blog - Rosemary Salt and Sugar Scrub - jar and essential oil
Jules and Louis Blog - DIY Rosemary Salt and Sugar Scrub - gift

For a long time I wanted to switch to more natural products in my daily beauty routine. And the reason why was probably because of the great documentary I watched last year in October, made by Leonardo DiCaprio: After The Flood. After I watched the documentary (which you can still see in its entirety here) it got me thinking long and hard about the choices I make and have made in the past. I mean, I'm not always exactly the greenest person on earth here. I happen to love meat and I live with three men in my home who also love meat (Yes, well hello...Welcome back to the Stone Age!). And we as a family don't always think long and hard about where our clothes were made or certain food products we buy and what consequences it has for our climate, animals and our planet... I decided it was time for some small changes.

Thanks to one of my favourite beauty blogs, Naoki, I also learned more about what kind of bad ingredients there are in certain beauty products. The blogger behind Naoki, Sophie, is spreading the word about cruelty free and natural beauty products. She devoted a lot of her energy in creating an extensive list with all the companies who sell cruelty free, vegan and or natural products and which companies sell in China and did therefore not make it on her list. As I used to donate money for Greenpeace for years, I know I can make better and healthier choices in my own life. 

Jules and Louis Blog - Rosemary salt and sugar scrub - weck jar
Jules and Louis Blog - Rosemary Salt and Sugar Scrub - close up glass jar
Jules and Louis Blog - DIY Rosemary Salt and Sugar Scrub - jars

And what better than making your own products, right? After some research online I found a great recipe for a heavenly scented rosemary salt and sugar scrub. Ahhh, that smell! I got my ingredients at Dille & Kamille, Holland & Barrett and our local supermarket (these are non-affiliate marketing links, I just like to buy my products here as I know they are all about natural and good quality).

Ready to try to make some of your own scrub to gift to your Valentine, friend or yourself? Here is my recipe!


1 cup raw cane sugar 

1 cup dead sea salt 

1 cup of oil (organic olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba, almond or grape seed oil will all do great)

25 drops of essential oil (of your choice)

sanitised glass jars with lid

How you make it:

  1. Mix the dry ingredients with the coconut or organic olive oil.
  2. Add 15 to 25 drops of essential oil (I used rosemary). Less than 15 doesn't really add scent to your mixture, just add several drops and smell until you're satisfied with the scent.
  3. Place into the glass jars, add a little ribbon and give as a gift!
  4. When not touched with water or dirty hands, the scrub will last indefinitely.

And have you ever tried to make some of your own beauty products? Would you try out this recipe?