One of the things that I'm always puzzled over is how do other bloggers change their decor so quickly and frequently, always keeping up with the latest trends? It is hard to keep up with the latest trends on interior design without spending too much money - almost impossible. To me it is! And even I sometimes am prone to wanting new things, especially after checking out Instagram and Pinterest and seeing new stuff I'd love to have. But I can't always get what I want, like The Rolling Stones sing... So when you're like me and you don't want to blow your entire budget on things you'd get probably bored of some time later, I have some tips I have learned from my grandmother or tips I always use to keep my decor fresh and new looking without breaking the bank.

Paint or make it yourself

If your favorite piece of art is out of your reach and budget, but you'd love to switch things up, you can easily paint or make it yourself. I can get really creative with paint or ink, but you can be great at taking pictures. So why not enlarge some of your favorite pictures and put them on your wall? You'll feel happy and proud every time you see it because you made it. It will even be a great conversation starter when you have family or new friends coming over for dinner!


One tip I have learned from my new colleague at work if you want to have new things in your decor very often. She has renewed almost her entire interior by selling all of her furniture and accessories. I usually sell my stuff on Tweedehands or via Facebook, but nowadays people also sell their things through Instagram and other social media. It is definitely pretty easy to sell before buying something new. If I don't find any buyers I will donate it to people who need it more - one of my friends have recommended me donating to Televestiaire, a place here in Bruges where you can donate clothes, beauty and hygienic products, appliances, toys, etc. These things will in return be offered for free or for a small price to people with financial constraints.

Move pieces around

This tip is one I have learned from my grandmother. Unfortunately our living space is too small to move furniture around, but I know I inherited some of her genes, haha. She got bored with her surroundings really easily and moved things around on an ordinary day. And when I came home from school and entered my grandparents' home, it always felt like everything looked completely different and new. Because I don't have much space to move furniture around, I usually move decor and accessories around every now and then. Or I remove things for a while and then I magically put them back after a few months - it keeps things fresh looking in your decor, trust me. And as a bonus: it is fun to “shop” around in my own home and changing up shelves, cupboards and window panes. You definitely look at your old things with a fresh perspective getting them back out after some time and you're less willing to buy new stuff. And I know from experience: less is more!

Try your luck at flea markets

I used to hate strolling around flea markets, because most of them are filled with junk and what not, but over the years I have come to love them. In fact, some of my favorite possessions in our home are from flea markets in Belgium or France. The vintage blue bottles in our cupboard in the dining room I found in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and in Bruges, the white rocking chair from Antwerp in Louis' bedroom and there are many other 'old' things I have in my home. If you just look close enough you can find true gems! Not all flea markets are cheap, so come early to negotiate if you know what you want and when you know the price.


One thing I always try to do is score a unique or fun souvenir from our trips during traveling. It can be pretty simple from a candle holder to a cool coffee table book, but I always try to find something that can be used in our decor. Last year in September I bought a pretty white porcelain canal house in Amsterdam in which you can burn a tealight. It is fun, wasn't expensive, it reminds me of our trip there and it adds something extra in our decor. Win-win!

How do you keep your decor fresh and ever changing without you breaking the bank? Do you have any other tips you'd love to share?