En here is 2018! Here's to a new, fresh year...

I hope you all celebrated New Year's Eve in a festive way (or quiet and cosy on the couch) and started the new year happily and healthy!  

As you know I've been picking out my word for the new year since 3 years or so. It's one that has to fit my goals. Because my old New Year's resolutions always crashed by the beginning of February! For 2017 it was the word "ME". Very applicable, because after my burnout in 2016 I really needed a year for myself. And the word really helped me - it was there with me, a constant reminder to set boundaries, to choose me more, to have more me-time, to open my mouth more when I wasn't treated fairly... It was really a good word for last year. 

For 2018 the new word came rather spontaneously: I was thinking what I needed most in the new coming year. As for this blog that I had been neglecting: I missed blogging. I just needed more consistency, to be more creative, to create more, to believe in myself more. Which is always important, but because I was going through the things I really needed, the word finally popped up in my head: Magic. I just need to create more magic, believe in magic, see the magic in everyday life, spot the magic in the most ordinary places and be creative and see the magic appear on paper... That's my word! :-) I also made a Pinterest-bord of my word for this year! Just to remind myself what is important this year. :-)


And of course with the new year there are also some new goals I'd love to reach. I have personal goals and ones for my blog. Those for my blog are:

Finally get my online shop up and running

My dream and the everlasting thing on my very long to-do list: my online shop. I've been dreaming about it, talking about it, but the funds, energy and time were too little last year and my dream of opening my shop got shoved away and it turned into "someday, maybe". Which is NOT what I want! So I set up some goals to reach this year. One of the first steps on my list are talking to fellow bloggers who have already set up their online shop. I'd love to learn what obstacles did they encounter, what platform they chose and why and how they just started? 

Photography and original blog content

Like I said: it was hard to keep up with my blog last year, combining it with work and family, but I really missed blogging. I always got a lot of satisfaction (Do I sound like Mick Jagger now?) out of working on my blog pictures, the friends I met through blogging and the writing of (hopefully) fun posts. But I got stuck, also because of the accident of my mother, and I just want to get back on track. I'm determined to take along my good old camera (and smartphone) and write more! 

To take better pictures and improve my "skills", I recently bought a new book: Snap! Taking pictures with your smartphone by Anki from Zilverblauw. I'll be posting a blog soon about what I think of the book! 

On my to-do list is a photoshoot I'd love to do with my talented friend Ellen from Love & Light. She really takes the best pictures! But, I'd also love to meet new and more blog friends! So... if you're reading this and you'd love to have a blogger's date: let me know!!

On a personal level I have these goals I'd hope to accomplish by the end of 2018:

Be more structured

That is why I just started in my bujo, or bullet journal! I have had some really cool reactions and comments on Instagram, so I'm thinking about doing a blog post on bullet journaling as well. In this bujo you can create your own planner - how cool is that? You can use it to write down your bucket travel list, your daily to-do lists, your weekly schedule, your editorial calendar, your yearly goals, whatever you love - everything goes in it! Enough with all the loose post-its and the hundreds of scribbles on little pieces of papers that just got lost... Welcome bullet journal - I'm already loving you! 

Healthier food, more water and get moving

I have been feeling a bit tired with a low energy level, probably also because of the wrong food choices. When I'm tired, I usually pick out the less healthy snacks. Probably because I was sleeping really bad the past few months - thanks to our youngest who woke up a couple of times during the nights and I'm that kind of person who needs her 7 to 8 hours of sleep! So no wonder I felt tired and snacked on chocolates and what not! So here I go again: I used my bullet journal for creating a habit, mood and moon tracker: did I sleep enough, did I drink water enough, did I have my portions of fruit and veggies that day? Those kind of things. I hold myself accountable with that tracker - it really stimulates you to fill in that little square, and it makes you happier to see you're keeping up with your goals! I'm definitely keeping track of these things and I'm already seeing that I need to work on my water intake and do more yoga or exercises! :-)

Meeting new people

It may sound weird, to set this as a goal at age 37, but I wanted this... I've already met a bunch of sweet and fine mums at school and got them to know a little bit better, but it would be so much more fun to meet more new people and connect with them. Like meeting new blogging friends for example - because we bloggers know what we're talking about when we say we need to work on our blog posts asap. ;-) So let me know if you're interested in having a cup of tea and meeting up!

These are the biggest goals I have for this year. Anyway, as I've been out for such a long time, I was a bit afraid that nobody would read my posts anymore. I'm really curious to find out if my good old readers will return to comment, or new readers that will read along?

Oh and if you have any other cool ideas for my blog, blog posts, collaborations, pictures, dates or whatever: don't hesitate to comment and let me know, ok? I'm really open to your fresh ideas!! And I really feel excited to start this new year - cheers to 2018 sweeties!!

Do you have a word for every year? And what are your goals for this year? Or do you have any resolutions? Let me know, I'm always curious to learn about other people's goals!