It's been a long time since I wrote something about my love for notebooks! Here's something pretty by MUS.

This weekend I found some pretty stationery to use on my future desk. I say future, because I still don't have a proper desk and most of the times our living room is being used by me as desk. But, a girl can dream right? 


So last weekend I found a lot of pretty stationery by MUS. MUS is a Belgian brand of stationery and other cute stuff to pretty up your desk or home office. You know, cute notebooks, planners, stickers, etc. Things that always get me a bit greedy. Even the colours are my thing: blus pink with copper and dark blue. Those colours even hang in my wardrobe, so no wonder I couldn't leave these pretties in the store! 

I hope they bring a little structure in my otherwise creative mess, but I'm sure this planner will definitely help me! The old fashioned way of course: fill it out with pen and paper and a few cool golden stickers to remind me of things. I hope I keep up with it, because I'm totally not ashamed to admit I'm usually forgetting to keep up with my planners. Normally I have to try really hard to not forget and be more organized in everything. But maybe I shouldn't try so hard, because you know what they say about chaotic people, right? That they are the most creative souls. Yep. Totally me. ;-)