Kate Hudson always looks pretty darn' good herself, just as she always seems pretty happy. And that's what she wrote about in her new book: on how to become (and stay) pretty happy. And how many ways there are to love yourself and your body. 

This book found me, I guess. It was a gift to me when I wasn't feeling too happy. And I'm grateful I got this book!

Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, is a well-known American actress and style icon. She also founded her own sports label Fabletics where you can find the cutest yoga and sports outfits! Kate is already in her mid thirties and with two boys and a very busy career, she tries, just like us, to keep juggling as many balls in the air as possible. After a few detours she found herself (how recognizable!) and understood that you have to start taking care of yourself and your body, because you only have one. Although she always looks shiny and happy as ever, she doesn't feel that way every day. Nobody by the way. She learned through research and her own experiences how to take care of herself. Remember my previous blog about self-love? Eventually she switched  to a healthier lifestyle that doesn't only involve healthy food, but also how to feel mentally better by doing things you really love. That's how you keep doing those things, just because you love them. And in the end you'll learn how to honour your body and appreciate it.


The book itself is very clear with four big parts or chapters in which Kate believes how to take better care of yourself:

Listen more intuitively to your body

Eat well

Wake up your body (with a sport you love)

The magic of mindfulness

Actually is the goal to become more body-smart. To understand better how our bodies constantly change, just as life does. And if you accept that, you'll definitely make healthier choices just as you will accept more easily how you look like. Combine this with a healthy dose of mindfulness and meditation and your life can become as pretty happy as Kate's!  


What I loved about it is how the book has some handy parts where you have room for your own notes. You can even fill out tests and questions to find out what sort of body type you are according to the Ayurveda-method (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). You make a kind of drawing board where you can get a better look on yourself and what you want to achieve by answering all of the questions.

I still take the book and read some parts again, just for fun. Or to get reminded on what I want to achieve health wise. It is such an inspiring book, even if you go through it again. It makes me pretty happy.

What makes you pretty happy? Do you love reading self-help books? If you are into more fun books I've been reading, let me know so I can dedicate a fresh blog post to more books!