Today I'm sharing my little gift guide for the ones who still have to buy pretty or little Christmas gifts, and they're all coming from my favourite (small) businesses I'd love to support! And if you're anything like me, you're probably also doing some late-last-minute-Christmas-shopping. Because I only realised today that Saturday is Christmas evening and I still don't have all of my presents.

Although I try to make some gifts myself and I try to be more conscious about what I give as presents, I know that I love (giving and receiving) presents. Gifts are always fun to give, so why not choose a pretty or small gift that supports my favourite small businesses, locally and abroad? Here we go...

Design Claud

I love Claudia's prints and posters she is selling on her webshop. She creates all of the prints herself. Claudia, a Dutch girl with a wanderlust and an great eye for design, became my blogging friend ever since we took the same e-course Blogging Your Way. You know, from Holly Becker's Decor8 blog. I have been following her blog ever since, so I thought it was only natural I wanted to support her shop. Her prints are great to gift to your little cousins, to yourself for your living room or to brighten up a future nursery. Or buy yourself a little Christmas-sy present...

Kara Rosenlund

Kara is an Australian photographer, stylist and author and she has a shop filled with breathtaking pictures you can buy! Not only photographs but also pretty scarves and pouches and tea towels. I am totally loving all of these things. (Santa, can you bring me something from Kara's shop pretty please?)

If you're anything like me and you're also into lettering, words and pretty quotes you will love Maud's work. She is pretty well-known here in Bruges for carving letters and quotes in stone. Maud has her own online letterwebshop (and her studio where you can visit). I love her work, it is so classy and pretty. Gifting a quote or a word carved in stone is very personal and yet that is why I think it's such a great idea for a present. Just because it tells a lot about you and it also tells something about the person you're giving it to.

Dille & Kamille

Ok ok, this is not really a small business, but it is one of my favourites where I love to shop (for myself and my mother and one of my girl friends). For my foreign readers: this is a shop where you can frequently find me. I love to hop in and just browse through the store in search of something pretty yet simple. It is a shop where you go back to basics. The products really remind you of your grandmother. You can find anything from (baking) utensils to use in your kitchen to garden but also great table linnen, pots, glasses, pillows, essential oils and candy and soap, it is all there. I love it. I've got a pretty good stack of things from Dille & Kamille already, like table linnen and handy utensils I found here. I talked about how I loved this shop with my friend this morning, we both love to dabble through the store. : ) And also handy for me as I'm always traveling through our little country for family visits and trips: there are several stores located throughout Belgium. Yaaay!

How about you? Have you found already some pretty Christmas gifts? Or are you a last minute shopper as I am?