Showing you our Christmas tree, before the holidays are over!

I figured I hadn't shown our Christmas tree yet... And that for someone who starts decorating her home a month before December! As you may have guessed it: I can never wait until Christmas eve. 

Christmas has always been my favourite holidays ever. Nothing more festive than seeing all those lights outside and inside, who create a wonderful atmosphere this time of the year. The idea behind Christmas to spend more time with the people you love couldn't be more beautiful, right? 

Since a few years we are celebrating Christmas eve at our home with just the four of us. It's so fun to see the kids get excited about all the presents and how they have to wait until dinnertime before they can open them. I usually make my already well-known roasted lamb chops with veggies and after that we have big chunk of ice cream in front of the television with the kids. That is if we're still hungry, usually we don't eat that much, haha!


This tray filled with tealight holders of Iittala was a birthday present I got from my husband Bart. And they look so amazing on my pretty round coffee tables of Hay, I got at one of my favourite stores in Brasschaat: Corifeo. These are one of the prettiest things in our home lately, and I'm truly in love with them. 

This New Year's eve will be as cosy as Christmas eve, at my parents' home with our kids. I don't feel like partying this year, so the new year will ring in quietly but cosy. Time to think about my goals for my blog! One of them, like I said here, is to inspire you more with more, new and improved blog posts! 

What are you planning to do between Christmas and New Year? Are you celebrating alone, with friends or family? And what kind of presents did you find under the Christmas tree this year?