What it feels like to be a mummy myself now.

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I never ever thought I would become a mummy myself. But now that I am, I am changed for good. Not only mentally but also physically. Maybe I don't have the fittest body anymore and maybe my cellulite is showing more than it used to, and the scars on my belly only show that I had two children and you know what? I don't care. Maybe on some days I care more about it than I will admit, but on most days I'm just proud to be a good mum to my two boys! Even my thoughts have changed - with everything I do, I will always have my two boys in my mind. I will always think about what's best for them. In so many ways I have changed... And it has been and still is the best change of my life I could ever ask for.

This mother instinct is born in every woman the moment we give birth. It is incredible. I would do anything for my two pretty, cool, sweet, kind and intelligent boys. They are my everything. I'm so grateful that my husband and I created two such beautiful healthy kids.

Jules and Louis Blog - On Being a Mother - daddy and the little one walking
Jules and Louis Blog - On Being a Mother - walking in nature

A few weekends ago we all headed out to a big nature domain called "Kalmthoutse Heide" which is not so far away from where my parents live. I used to walk there a lot with my parents and it had been more than 10 years ago since I visited the place. It is amazingly quiet and peaceful to walk around there. And I thought it would be a great idea to have Jules' pictures taken for his spring "party" soon.

You may have seen a few pictures before used on my blog here, taken by Ellen of Love and Light Photography. She has become my friend and is such a talented lady when it comes to taking pictures. I don't know how she does it, but every picture she delivers looks absolutely gorgeous! And I asked her to shoot some pictures for our oldest boy's party, and today I'm going to give you a little peek... My own pictures I took that day are not as great as hers, but I love the setting and the nature surrounding my two little boys.

Soon I'll be showing you the pretty pictures taken by Ellen! :-)

And to all the mums, mothers, mama's...and grandmothers, mother-in-laws, stepmothers, plus-mums, mummies to angels and pet-mums and all the women who feel a mum: I hope you really enjoyed yourself on Mother's Day! I do hope you all spoiled yourself with a little gift or some well-deserved me-time. 

A big hug to all of you.

All pictures taken by me.