September. The month that brings fall. Even though summer isn't over yet, you can sense that the new season has started. Especially in the mornings when you feel that crisp fall air...

And I'm a fan of fall! Fall stands for candles, long walks, shopping for cute clothes (online) and curl up in my sofa with a hot cup of herbal tea... I love it! Deep down I do hope for a warm "indian summer" though. Maybe it is because I'm still going to soak up the sun in Ibiza in a couple of weeks?

Because images sometimes say more than words, this mood board really reflects my mood for September. It's a month my husband and I have been looking forward to, because I booked concert tickets to see the Rolling Stones performing live in the Ahoy in Amsterdam. So that will be a cool short city trip with just the two of us! And soon we'll leave for Ibiza for a week with the kids. Something I've been dreaming about since years! It will be so nice to lounge at the pool or at the seaside mid September in sunny weather. 

I hadn't expect other things in September, but this month holds other things in store for me as well - I'll change jobs at the city of Bruges, which will bring a fresh air in my head. My current job was ok, but probably because of my burnout they realised I wasn't the right person for that job. And that after years of asking if I could do other jobs, because I had no more fun in what I was doing. Funny how words indeed don't say much, but actions or images do...

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to our week in Ibiza - I promise a blog post will be coming up soon!

Are there any fun stuff planned in your calendar this month? What do you dream of? Do you also hope for a warm indian summer?  Or are you getting excited for fall and pumpkin-season?

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