Straw bags are really hot right now... I see them poppin' up everywhere I look or go.

Straw Bags

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And straw bags remind me of all things summer. The thing is: temperatures are letting us down here in Belgium. Our Saturday was nice though, but it wasn't super warm, hot or sunny as I expected it to be. 

Maybe after many grey, cold days it is why I am dreaming of warmer summer days! You know, like wearing your latest bikini, taking your prettiest straw bag or tote with a book, magazines, sunglasses and some water and go to the beach for a day. That kind of feeling. ;-) 

Though I already have a super cool beach bag, there's always room for a pretty straw bag like these ones here! Maybe one of my favourites must be the vintage looking one from Cult Gaia - I see it literally everywhere. I have been eyeing that one and maybe 1, 3 and 5 as well. Naaaah, who am I kidding? I love all 8...

Do you have any favourites? What do you think of the straw bag trend? Are you a fan?