A combination of two things I love: a book and lettering. The book is about letters (and lettering) and how you can improve your hand lettering with paper, ink and a pen!

Some of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love books. And hand lettering. Creating magic with pen, paper and ink is so relaxing. It's then when I get out of my head, because I usually think a lot what I need to do, what I didn't do, etc. This really helps me to relax. It was just what I needed last year when having my burnout: hand lettering and practicing my water colouring skills was almost therapeutic.

Last year I followed an online course to improve my lettering skills and to practice more. And now I got this book Letters! as a gift. It's a beautiful book of Marjet from the blog/website Studio Met Marjet. She also gives workshops and sells the prettiest things to start/practice your calligraphy.  I her first book Letters! she gives a lot of tips on which materials and tools she loves to use and how to finally get something pretty on your paper. With courage, determination and calmness you'll succeed. 


Which is a great reminder to myself... Practice makes perfect. I sometimes give up too easily, which is wrong. I think I'm nowhere near to what she's doing, and there's still a lot of room for improvement. I still have to work on finding my own style as well, but I keep on doing it. Because i love it. Meanwhile I discovered the cool brush pens by Talens, apparently they give a cool water colour effect when used with a little water brush pen. Still experimenting with these ones!


If you're also interested in experimenting or starting with modern calligraphy and hand lettering, you'll definitely love this book! It's in Dutch available at Marjet's website. It is clear, practical and with great tips on posture, materials, etc. The book itself will give you an enormous boost and will to start yourself! Which is my best tip ever: just start and you'll get there! By doing it, you'll get in that creative flow immediately. 

Is this a book you'd love to read? Are you also into calligraphy and hand lettering? Definitely enjoy your weekend everyone!