Let's see how I'm keeping up with my goals so far now that the month of January is almost over...

First a little recap of my goals I wrote down in my previous post where I also talked about my word for this year. I wanted to be more structured (read: using my bujo everyday) and get more original blog content out. I was a bit in a blog rut for a while, which led to not blog at all because I felt uninspired.

For years I can't seem to stick to a good calendar, so I'm still working on that, and how to incorporate it in a good way in my bullet journal... But one thing I've noticed that when I move more, I blog more and create much more content. My productivity level really skyrocketed once I started moving.

Remember my other goal? To eat more healthy, drink more water and get moving?

Originally that was just because I didn't want to feel as tired as I did the past few months. But when I stood on my scale because my jeans didn't fit me properly anymore, I panicked a bit. I don't think I've ever weighed as much as I do right now. And I feel a bit stressed about the number my scale is showing me. Truth is: I've never been into sports. Like ever. The only sport I loved doing was dancing - full body workout, trust me! When moving to Bruges 12 years ago I got into a bit of depression because I couldn't connect with a lot of people here and didn't find any good friends for a long time, so dancing was not really a thing on my mind back then. And I did try two dancing schools, but never really clicked with their approach, so I did all kinds of sports (gym, dance, yoga, zumba) but never really kept up. Going to the gym two times a week was and still is not my style. I'd rather go for a run or do some yoga exercises at home. But I haven't been running much this month - just once this month. Can't come to think of any excuses - I just didn't run enough this month. Period. 

Although I did keep up with indoor exercises! I just laid out my yoga mat in the living room, put on one of Pop Sugar videos on YouTube (this one makes your legs burn!! Oh, and you'll feel your abs the next day with this video!) and started to work up a sweat. Which felt really great actually. I did these twice to three times a week and I learned I'm more of a evening person when it comes to exercising (still feeling the abs work out!). Afterwards I feel much more energized and inspired to blog. Crazy, right?

Another thing I'm happy about is that since the first of January, I decided to eat a bit more mindful and make healthier food choices. And I do eat more salads for lunch, eat breakfast everyday now (which I didn't do before), and be more mindful of what I put in my mouth so I guess you can say I'm sticking to that goal for sure. 


There are other goals I want to work on, like meeting new people, creating an e-book and networking more. But I've focused more on my health the past month. I have another 11 left to work on my other goals!

One thing I did want to share with you, is my newly created freebie! It is a daily planner you can use for planning out those next few months, chores or whatever it is you'd love to plan out.


I hope you'll like it! It's my very first freebie I'm sharing here (high five for myself for finally getting to this goal). Please let me know what you think of it, ok?

Oh and if you have great ideas on how YOU keep up with your goals (or your editorial calendar if you're a blogger), then I'd definitely want to hear from you! It's always nice to learn from others.