Every day is Valentine's Day. Or at least, that's what it should be...
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Like Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted: Write it in on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year. And he was absolutely right. Everyday should be special.

We don't usually do anything special on Valentine's Day here (hello glass of wine, tv-series and some chips to snack on). This year I treated myself on a pretty bouquet of flowers (why not?) on Valentine. Not because it was Valentine, just because I felt like in need of fresh flowers for my home. Some people think we're strange to not celebrate Valentine on February 14th, but we think it's weird to celebrate or show your love on only one day in the year.

Jules and Louis Blog | floral heart in pink and chocolates

If you think about it... How great is it to show your love on other, unexpected moments in life? The unexpected moments where you show that you really care, is much more appreciated than on that one day where you maybe have forgotten about Valentine. That's what I mean with every day is a good day in the year. To love, to call friends, to show you care. 

I should remind myself that a bit more though, because when things get busy and you get stressed out and you feel like it's not going the way you want to, then it's not so hard to feel like crap. On days like these we should think more about how lucky we are to have someone we love and who loves us back, to have a home and a family we love to come home to and just to be healthy. Just... you know, keeping a positive spirit.

I hope you also wrote this on and in your hearts: I wish you all feel like every day is special and every day is a great day because you have kids, friends, family and pets who love you. And love is the most important thing in the world. Not only on Valentine's Day. Everyday.

Happy Wednesday people!

All pictures: SC Stockshop