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I love a good cocktail from time to time. Usually I will order the classic cocktails like a cosmopolitan, gin & tonic or caipirinha. And for the longest time I figured only bartenders could come up with a boozy recipe. I was wrong, because anyone can create a great cocktail!

You can create a cocktail with pretty much anything and you really can't go wrong with a little sweet, a little sour, some fresh fruit, and your favourite type of alcohol or drink. This recipe I'm sharing today is great with or without the alcohol!

Jules and Louis Blog - DIY Indian Summer Mojito cocktails

What you'll need for 1 glass? Here's the recipe!

Jules and Louis Blog - Recipe Indian Summer Mojito

The best thing is: in about 5 minutes you have this summery drink ready! How do you make it?

  1. Cut the pomegranate in two, break the halves and get the seeds out (only 2 tablespoons). Or do it the easy way like me: get a little box of fresh pomegranate seeds in your supermarket and scoop the seeds with your spoon. ;-)
  2. Rip the mint leaves and put them with the sugar in a big cocktail glass or a jar.
  3. Pestle or muddle around so the aromas break loose.
  4. Dilute with lime juice, rum and the cold cranberry juice and the soda water.
  5. Top off with ice and pomegranate seeds and some mint leaves.
  6. Serve with a long spoon.

This cocktail is definitely refreshing! Unfortunately I had no lime juice around, but I added a little extra cranberry juice. You really have to make sure you really pestle around with the mint leaves, so you get that minty flavour out! 

And if you're not into alcohol, you can serve this cocktail without the rum. Just make sure you use extra cranberry juice instead. 

What are your top favourite drinks when you're out with friends? Do you have a favourite cocktail you always order? Oh, and let me know what you think of this cocktail!

All pictures taken by me.