Currently I'm working on a creative project...
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I just finished one creative project for family (addressing envelopes in gold ink and ordering their menus and invitations) and I have already started another one of my own.

Soon my oldest, Jules, will celebrate his 'lentefeest' or spring ceremony and I've been busy thinking of a cool theme for his big party. We'll celebrate it with close family in a restaurant. There's so much you have to think of and organise, it's a tiny stressful period of time for most mums I've talked to at school. :-)

I've been thinking about what kind of thank you-favors I can give when the party ends and what kind of theme or colour I would go with. Finally I decided on the colour: mint with gold. It's a festive colour combination and it turned out pretty great, if I may say so! I'll hand out thank you-cards with pictures of Jules and of course some candy in little mint coloured tins with a magnet on top, and maybe some framed photos for the grandparents and my almost 90-year-old grandmother (and godmother as well) - who's already great-grandmother to our two boys and my cousins' children!

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Like I already mentioned I love doing these things where I can practice my modern calligraphy more. A few months I enrolled in an e-course called Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 which wasn't cheap, but it definitely gave me more insight and some time to practice. Although I don't or can't practice every evening, I'm definitely getting a little better than before. And with this project I could experiment a little bit with my new marker with gold ink from Posca! It has a fine tip and the more pressure I give, the thicker the lines. It runned really smoothly over my envelopes, so I'm pretty happy with this one in my (ever growing) collection of pens and markers. I addressed the envelopes of my family who just received their invitations this week. They all loved it, apparently. And I'm a happy camper. ;-)

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It has been definitely busy around here lately but it's what I love doing... I love to be busy with such creative projects as these ones. And I hope there will be more to come in the future!

What do you think people? Are you interested in learning more about modern calligraphy/hand lettering here on my blog? If so, I'll be planning to write more about this topic in the future and sharing tips. Just let me know in the comments!