I recently bought the book SNAP! Photographing with your smartphone, as a present for myself. A girl can pamper herself, right?


As a blogger you always want to present your best pictures to your lovely readers. Most of the times I don't have my camera with me (for the obvious reason that it is too heavy to bring with me), but I always carry around my other friend: the smartphone! But I get frustrated sometimes. I know what my limitations are when taking quick snaps, so I wanted to do something about it this year. One of my goals was to pretty up my Instagram, take more and better pictures and post more on this blog. 

Recently I bought this pretty darling book called Snap! Photographing with your smartphone, written by Anki from the well-known Dutch blog Zilverblauw. I really hoped this book would be a great help for future pictures...


And I really believe it will. I find Snap! so helpful. Anki explains everything really simple and clear, with helpful tips or useful DIY you can try yourself. Also, the cover of the book is very instaproof for bloggers like me! Soft pink, my favourite! And as a book worm I also love pretty book covers as these ones. Yep, call me a book cover geek, haha. 

But the content of the book is as pretty as the cover. And useful! She talks about difficult terms as diafragma, ISO & white balance in a fun, simple way - I love that. Because even I have bought books when I got my first camera where too many technical terms got me so overwhelmed and I lost interest in photography - thinking it was nothing for me. I'm more a visual and intuitive person, technical tutorials don't do the trick for me usually. I need to do things, and get them explained while I'm doing it and in this book you can see many before and afters and how she does things. It's really a practical book and so inspiring you'll just want to start and take pictures!


The book Snap! has different chapters. Starting with the basics, composition and of course a lot of creative tips and tricks. I feel like I will need a lot of practice when it comes to the creative tips - one of Anki's tips is to choose a theme and shoot a whole serie of pictures in that theme. As an example she shows a range of pretty pink buildings in this book, being the soft pink buildings as the common theme in the range of pictures. By being creative and coming out of your comfort zone, you look completely different at the world. As Anki says: photography is writing with light. Looking at the world with your eyes is always unique, and your camera/smartphone is your tool to show what you see. She really shows how you can see the beauty in the world, if you just try and practice more.

What I find extremely helpful in this book is when I learned I can edit my shutter speed on my smartphone... Never knew that was possible! So I'm definitely going to play around with that now, using the tools and apps she recommended in this book. The last chapter of the book is all about Instagram, where Anki explains which pictures are more likeable and which hashtags you can use. Also very useful to me - I need to dive deeper now and get everything ready to improve my Insta-game! 


Overall, this book is definitely a must when you're a blogger or busy on social media and you'd love to get better at taking "snaps" with your smartphone. You'll definitely get inspired by the pretty, fun and colourful pictures used in this book!

I found mine at Standaard Boekhandel for 16,99 euros and I don't regret buying it at all! Love this book!