This cook book is all about easy Nordic living, great food, friends, togetherness, Hygge... the little things in life that make you happy.
Jules and Louis Blog - Book Review - Easy Nordic

Last Wednesday I was invited to a book launch, held at the design store Corifeo I love visiting! Remember my last post here? Dagny Rós Asmundsdóttir has written her second cook book, Easy Nordic. It is her personal ode to the Icelandic way of living. The book also speaks about hygge, in life and in the kitchen. Or as I would love to translate hygge as a relaxing, easy Scandinavian lifestyle that we Belgians should adopt as well. I mean, how much better can it get... coming together, enjoying, sharing and cooking delicious food with family and friends? And without stress? Count me in!

Jules and Louis Blog - Book Review - Easy Nordic
Jules and Louis Blog - book review - Easy Nordic - salad

Dagny has moved to Antwerp, Belgium from Iceland some years ago and hell, is this woman passionate about cooking! I first saw her on tv, and I immediately loved her quirky, modern way of cooking!  She inherited the genious gen of cooking from her grandmother, mum and aunts. Her style is modern, with lots of influences from over the whole world. Funny when I say this, but I always get hungry when I see her preparing food. Dagny is the only cook who can make me hungry, after Jamie Oliver. :-)

At the book launch I was able to meet her in person and got to talk to her for a few minutes. She is so sweet and spontaneous! Totally the same when you watch her on tv. She's down-to-earth and just her pretty, talented and kind self. I also had a chance to taste a few of the dishes she prepared, that also show up in her new cook book. It was actually her son of 16 who recommended to taste a few of his personal favourites. 

Jules and Louis Blog - Book Review - Easy Nordic - fire and ice tea

And boy, I loved everything I tasted! There was so much to choose from! There was a whole range of cheeses and charcuterie, fruits and other yummy food styled on big wooden boards and cakes, dips, breads,... for foodies this was paradise! I know my mum would have loved it! I especially loved her pulled bread with cheese, cranberries and thyme - that one was so yummy, just like the simple plate with cheesy ricotta, pepper and pomegranates. Oh and let's not forget the super delicious cake with chocolate, peanuts and cream: that cake was to die for! 

Jules and Louis Blog - Book Review - Easy Nordic - food and cheese
Jules and Louis Blog - Book Review - Easy Nordic - food

So when I went home with Dagny's latest cook book, I was so curious to see what kind of recipes she shared. I started reading her cook book immediately! And I loved it. I honestly love her style and her recipes. I must admit, I'm not like my mum - I don't talk as much about food as my mum does, but we do love to go through cook books sometimes for parties or little dinners. My mum is the one who gives me ideas to make or change certain recipes, and I love her for that. And she also owns too many cook books - I honestly lost count!! Me, I don't buy a lot of cook books to be completely honest with you. The ones I own, are the ones I truly read and go through and the recipes in them are simple to make. Only Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver and Donna Hay are the ones that made it on my kitchen shelves. And I'm pretty happy Dagny's book is now on my shelf as well! 

The fun part about the whole cook book is that you truly get to know Dagny a little better. She shares her stories and truly gives examples on what hygge in the kitchen is to her. She also talks about her life and how she got to cooking and where her love from cooking comes from - which makes the book so much more personal. With this cook book she wants to say to all those people who say they have no time to cook healthy, easy recipes: cooking is relaxing. It is easy. It is about taking it easy. And when great food is shared with great friends and family, it is the togetherness that is remembered. 

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Details cook book Easy Nordic

- 2nd cook book by Dagny Rós
- 1st cook book: Easy Iceland
- Published by: Manteau
- Price: 24,99 euro