It has been busier than ever at our home. Especially last weekend when we celebrated Jules' spring party (or his first communion)... 

It was indeed a weekend filled with celebrations! Jules didn't really do his first communion in the church (I wanted to do something different, since I'm not that religious), so I threw him a little party with family. 

To my readers who are curious where we stand in front of the camera: we had Jules' party at the terrace of lounge/bar/restaurant B-In in Bruges. Very close to the romantic water of the city centre, which made the party even more pretty. We even had a big bouncy castle for Jules, Louis and the little ones in our family. Even the sun kept shining, the food was amazing and the company as well - what else could you ask for? 

Especially when I hung the football piΓ±ata - I hit a bull's eye with that one. ;-) It took a while before the kids could tear it down, and when they finally succeeded right after there was a big funny drama who took the most candy. :-)


Also the pictures and favor gifts were a big hit in the family!


We had pictures taken of Jules by my talented and sweet friend and photographer Ellen of Love & Light. Everyone thought they looked beautiful, and they did! Jules and Louis both look charming in every picture, as they are in real life (sometimes though, haha).  And I thought the other favors were pretty lovely as well, like the candy bags and little minty pots filled with orange Tic-Tacs. The candy bags and cards (and the invitations) were all made by me. I found them at Tadaaz, a cool website where you can create gorgeous invitations, cards and what not... which is where I always get my Christmas cards from as well! And the best part is that they're located in Bruges, not far from where I live!


Jules pampered his godfather and godmother with a cool personalised toiletry bag from Anna et Maman (ladies, definitely check it out, you'll love the shop - and the brick-and-mortar-shop at Roeselare as well).


Jules wanted an ice cream cake in the form of a little lamb. After beheading the poor thing (okay, it IS an ice cream cake, I know...) he thought it was so cool to see the strawberry syrup dripping out.

Jules and Louis Blog - A weekend of celebrations - cutting the cake
Jules and Louis Blog - A weekend of celebrations - flowers

And even I was pampered with two bunches of pretty flowers (and they included my favourite ones - peonies!)... A perfect end to a perfect day.