A gorgeous table setting to celebrate a new sparkling year!
Jules and Louis Blog - A Gorgeous Table Setting - flowers

If I may say so, the table decor for the holidays at my parents' home this year was looking gorgeous. When we celebrate with my family, I'm always in charge for the decor: table, flowers, you name it. And this year I even had to decorate the Christmas tree at my mother's home, my mother-in-law's and my grandmother's. Including my own tree at home and the one at my work. I guess I should start asking money for it, right? Haha!

This table setting was definitely one of my most favourite of all times, because of the simplicity of it all. I used white table linen, white napkins and the plates of Pascale Naessens' tableware by Serax. All in all it looked cosy and fresh. Gorgeous for a dinner or party with family or friends. It is definitely something I'll try over again at my own home when throwing a little dinner party for friends. 

Jules and Louis Blog - A Gorgeous Table Setting - flower arrangements

For the flower arrangements I used simple white roses and gerbera, some eucalyptus leaves and baby's breath. One big vase in the middle and two mini ones at each side was all it took to put together a casual looking bouquet. 

Jules and Louis Blog - A Gorgeous Table Setting - detail tableware
Jules and Louis Blog - A Gorgeous Table Setting - candle

Because I think the tableware has some greenish gold hues in them, I added some copper and gold tones on the table. A candle here and there and some gold/black confetti was a small finishing touch.

As always, thank you so much for being here and for supporting me and my blog! It's always nice to know you're reading along.