I always jokingly say that when I had a stressful time, I'm in desperate need of a healthy dose of Antwerp. 


A day in Antwerp is always very relaxing to me. Thankfully my husband understands my need to go to Antwerp every once in a while. He loves the city as much as I do, luckily. Last year around the same time we did a little trip with Jules through my favourite part of the city, the antique neighbourhood around Kloosterstraat and the areas around it. There was a little cute market when we arrived in the Kloosterstraat with music, dancing and a food truck and a whole lot of booths with people who handcrafted fun stuff like jewelry and prints. We enjoyed this warm sunny day, something we have to look for this week, apparently! 


I don't know what it is, but I always feel so incredibly happy when I steppen foot in my beloved city. It just makes me happy knowing a day in Antwerp is coming up on my calendar. Just because I feel so free there. I think I could live there. Imagine living there, having a glass of rosé on your terrace with view over the river Schelde. I would be perfectly happy. :-)


Even though I don't know every corner or street, there are a few areas where I love to hang out. Antwerp just feels like coming home.


And there is always something to see or to do. During summertime there's always something fun to do or to experience with "the Summer of Antwerp". I'd love to catch a movie in the open air in summer, that's definitely also on my bucket list! And a blog post with cool tips on what to see, do and where to shop in Antwerp - wouldn't that be fun?

Hopefully I could inspire you to take your next trip to Antwerp. Oh, and if you have found some cool places to hang out, shop, or eat at, I'd love to take them along in my Antwerp-guide soon - so let me know in the comments!