Jules and Louis Blog - 5 Tips How To Read More Books

As an avid reader (or should I say bookworm?) I'm always on the lookout for new books to read. The only problem is when you're a mum and a fan of reading: those things don't really mix very well. Every mother out there will understand me: with our kids, jobs, responsibilities and things we want to check off our to do-list it is sometimes hopeless to find some time for yourself. Let alone pick up reading again! Even I don't always find enough time to read. But it's like they say: as for everything in life you have to make time to do the things you love. Create the time! After my burnout I picked up reading again and one of the things I tried to do was carve out some time to read. When reading a book I tried to read right before bedtime. Simply 10 to 20 pages or how long I could before I got sleepy. That was the only moment I really felt like reading and it also really helped me to fall asleep better...

I'm guessing many of you also struggle with how to read more books. If you're also trying to pick up reading more this year, here are my top 5 tips you can use so you can start working through that stack of books you have been wanting to read all year (or for years).

Step away from the screen, m'am!

Less eyes on your screen (including tv and laptop/pc at night) and you have more focus, energy and eyes for your book. Turn off your notifications, turn off your tv or computer and just focus on only reading your book, even if it is for just a few minutes. Trust me, your eyes and mind will thank you for it.

Make the most of your breaks or lunchtime

Think you don't have time enough? Take a great book with you to work and read during your breaks or lunchtime. You'll feel so much more refreshed when you start working again. Try it, I have done it too when the sun is shining outside and it really helps to see things at work with a fresh mind after my lunchbreak is over.

Read before bedtime

This one has helped me a lot, personally. Just think of the benefits of reading before bedtime. By doing something calm like reading before going to sleep, your mind will stop doubting and overthinking things which will eventually help you to fall asleep much faster. And it helps finishing your book you've been wanting to pick up for such a long time! I tried to read 10 to 20 pages every evening before bed. It may seem like a small amount, but trust me: it really felt great once I finally finished a book. 

Start some me-time moments

Even if you don't want to read during your lunchbreaks or you can't give your iPhone or laptop some rest and you fall asleep before reading the book, try the other way... Start by creating some special me-time moments. For example: if you have some extra time on Fridays, you could take a bath and then start reading that book you've been wanting to read all year long. Just take your agenda and reserve some time on that special day where you do exactly what you want to do and read that book that has been catching dust in your book case. And even if it is only one Friday every month you have for yourself, see it as your time only and for no one else. I may sound very selfish saying this, but trust me: you'll feel refreshed.

Yay, vacay!

Vacations are the ideal moment to catch up on some titles we've been wanting to read for a long time. And the best thing is you can take along your e-reader without having to drag a pile of books to your holiday destination. Imagine: the kids playing around and you have some extra time for a book. Heaven. :-) And if your kids are like mine and you can't really sit still during the day because you have to watch them every step: you always have a quiet evening or two to read a little, right?

What are your tips to read more? Have you been reading more books last year? Was it your resolution for 2017 to read more as well? Keep your suggestions of great books coming, I'm always open to learn about interesting books I haven't read yet!