To follow your heart, how on earth do you do that? I wondered many times... And many times I came back to this quote of Steve Jobs: 'Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become'.

And I wondered many times how I could follow my heart. But the more I think about it, the more clearer it gets. Following your heart means to be yourself more. Instead of constantly swimming against the stream, you just have to go a bit more with the flow. Not constantly trying to change or force things, but just wait and see what comes next. Discovering yourself, finding out what you want and who you are and what gives you joy in life. Getting to know yourself, hah!

1. Don't care about what others think

The most important tip to me! Really, don't care about what others think. If you constantly listen to everyone else, you live someone else's life as well. Nothing fun about that, right? You only have one life and everyone wants to make something of his/her life. But as soon as you start following your heart, there will be obstacles as well. You want this, society/your parents/partner/... wants that. Before you know it, you live a life where everyone agrees with what you're doing except you!

I used to act differently before, because I was thinking too much about what others would think of me. Now I don't care anymore. There will always be people who click with you and others who don't. So, why worry? It just gets you nervous and it's actually really tiring to be thinking about yourself and how others see you the whole time. Which brings me to tip no. two!

2. Think less

By thinking less (and stop worrying about what others might think of you), you also stop that little negative voice in your head constantly telling you can't do it, and you make space in your heart for what really matters. A little less philosophical and less thinking will also let your heart speak more. It speaks softly, so pay attention - that way you can discover what makes your heart sing...

3. Trust your gut

You have to have the guts to trust your intuition, your feelings. To go for it. And for a lot of people (including me) that is just horrifying. Many times a life with little to no satisfaction is easier. Just think about the job that sucked the life out of you but you kept working there because it was "easy". It's society that creates those silly rules that people so desperately want to live by. And the constant need for safety and comfort keep us in the same spot or safe lifestyle.

Deep down you know where you want to go. Call it your gut or intuition, it just knows much longer. You might not get a hold of it right there and then, but the more you listen to that little voice inside of you, the better you get at picking up the signals. You'll start doing things for you, things you really love.

Take me for example. I'm still working on chasing my dreams and becoming my own boss. I know I'm good at creative things and being creative. And I knew what I didn't want to do and in what I wasn't good at. I thought I was going to become happier by doing freelance copywriting, but when I'm truly honest with myself: I know it doesn't make me happy. I feel much more ME when I'm doing things with my hands: calligraphy, painting, drawing... I'm even thinking to take a course of making pottery. You know, getting busy with my hands instead of living in my head all the time.

After a while you just know what you'd most love to be doing. So, instead of listening to eierbody else (because everyone's entitled to their own opinions and views), you should listen to your own voice. Of course you have to take their advice to heart, and close family and friends know you better than yourself sometimes, so listen what they have to say, but always keep in mind that you have to listen to what makes you happy as well. And go out and find out if it works out. If it doesn't, than at least you can say you've tried. 

Do you always follow your heart? Or do you usually get caught up in what others think or say?