A simple flower arrangement in your home always adds a fresh touch.
Jules and Louis Blog | How To Create Simple Flower Arrangements

Flowers always make my day. They not only make you happy, they also brighten up the house, giving it a fresh and colourful touch. I can't deny, I'm a flower junkie. The more the better.

And when you're not always able to buy fresh flowers from your local florist, don't worry: me neither. You can do so much more with the ones you buy at your local supermarket too! Make simple flower arrangements that you can place throughout your home to add that fresh touch everywhere.

If you let me pick the flowers, I usually go for peonies, roses, tulips or gerbera. Especially the pink and peach tones attract my eye every time.

And the older I get, the more I love how a flower can perk up your whole interior. Because we're all busy, the simple flower arrangements that don't take up much time to create, are the best! But how do you create the most simple flower arrangements? And more importantly: how do you take care of flowers?

Jules and Louis Blog | A simple flower arrangement with peonies

1. Pick out your flowers

Pay a visit to your florist or grocery store or take a look around in your garden and pick out the flowers you're visually attracted to. Any type of flower is great, but if you're trying to keep them for a week, certain flowers are known to survive a week better than others. As I said, I usually go for sturdier flowers like roses or peonies, but daisies or gerbera are definitely also a great option. I know from experience that ranunculus are sometimes pretty quick to wither.

2. Choose a vase to put them in

Or a can, a jar, a glass or anything that you love. Or get a tray and put all kinds of little vases or glasses on to put your flowers in.

3. Arrange your flowers

If you have a selection of different flowers, just go with the flow and go with what you like the most. Little bundles of flowers everywhere makes every place and corner happy. A big bouquet is also nice to have in a room where you are the most. Or one big flower in a single jar or small vase is very elegant and makes a statement too. It is all about what you love.

4. Care for your flowers

Cut the stem at roughly a 45 degree angle. I've read that you can add aspirin, sugar or wodka with a teaspoon of sugar into your water to make your flowers last longer. I always make sure to change the water every other day. Great tip for when you only have tulips to care for: they grow rapidly in water, so don't put them in too much water and cut their stems once in a while. It will make them last longer, trust me. It's how I take care of tulips.

5. Enjoy your arrangement

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy your little creations everywhere or your bouquet of favourite flowers. Make pictures of them. I do too and I share them on Instagram. Haha!  When I look back it's nice to see the beauty and magic of flowers. So try, experiment, have fun and don't forget to enjoy your flowers while they are in your home!

What are your tips to make flower arrangements last longer? Do you have a favourite flower (and colour) you always go back to?