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Wood beam interiors always have that pretty wow factor, don't you think? It brings warmth and gives me that particular cosy feeling. It not only adds warmth, but character and charm too. When you're busy renovating the place and you discover some wood beams and if you're anything like me, I'd say: keep them!

Jules and Louis Blog | wood beam interior - white beams living room

When I was growing up, my parents rebuild their tiny house into a bigger, yet not too big and cosy home. Inside my dad used a lot of wooden beams. Not only in the floors, in the ceilings as well. He once told me it was such hard work, he couldn't barely get the heavy oak beams lifted. Can you imagine he all did it with his own bare hands and a little help of a friend?

I always knew I wanted a home with character. The home where we live in now, has some wooden beams on the attic. If you ask me, I say it's the most romantic and most quiet place in our home. Ahhh... Our attic. The wood beams (painted in white) run through the room, almost over your head when you lay in bed. Yep, we have a spare guest room upstairs, in the attic. And occasionally I go and sleep there. When I'm sick or when my oldest son can't sleep, we go and sleep together in the big bed under the wooden beams. It's so calming there.

Jules and Louis Blog | wood beam interiors - dreamy bedroom

It inspired me to write today's post. And I'm sharing some other pretty wood beam interiors with that true wow factor. I really hope that when we move to another home soon, we'll be able to create a home filled with character. And of course some wood beam ceilings. Somewhere. 

Do you have wood beams in your home? What do you think of a home with character? Totally your taste or not?

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