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Hello, and welcome! I’m Inge and this little online space of mine is where i share bits and pieces of what inspires me and celebrating every moment you can, but also my love for my boys, books, lettering, decorating and of course some of my family’s adventures. 

Born in Brasschaat (Antwerp), I've spent some years wondering what I love doing. Around May 2008 my husband Bart and I first visited NYC. The next year i started my very first blog as a place to share bits and pieces of our travels around the West coast and California for just our families and a few close friends. You can still read our past travel journeys in Dutch on Bikinis and Sunglasses. 

It wasn't until 2010 after having our first baby boy Jules I started blogging for real on my blog on home interior design called Simply Fabulous Chic. I even got into the top 10 of best interior blogs in Belgium when participating for the Weekend Knack Blog Awards. (still proud of that...)

Fast forward a few years to now and here I am with a whole new blog, named after our two lovely boys Jules and Louis. What really kept me inspired all those years to keep on blogging (ok, with some pauses here and there) was that I know I'm destined to create. Blogging and lettering is, next to being a mom and a wife, what keeps me happy. I have finally found what it is I love doing. 

When I'm not working at my day job or lettering or running around after my kids, you will find me somewhere (in summer by the beach) with a glass of rosé, lounging in my backyard with husband, boys, dog and a book, or picking out the perfect bouquet of blooms at one of mt favorite flower shops.

Since its beginning in 2016, this blog has also picked up a few new readers along the way and I'm so happy to have you here! Thanks for following along! xx Inge

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  1. Dirty Dancing was one of my favorite movies. It still gives me a warm nostalgic feeling. Or maybe that's because of Patrick Swayze... I also love dancing, like Swayze did. From when I was 6 until 22 or so I have danced. And I still love dancing (in my kitchen, at parties - and I will always be the first to start).
  2. I have a thing for notebooks. And books. I cannot ever pass a cute book store without buying books or cute notebooks to jot down fresh ideas, to do-lists or whatever comes to my chaotic creative mind. I just love love love it!
  3. I love to invite friends over for dinner or some apéro and dress my table accordingly. It is so much fun to have meaningful conversations at home with people you love. Or just laugh the whole time until your cheeks hurt. That too. 
  4. Obviously: I love my two boys Jules and Louis. They're my everything. Just like my hubby Bart.
  5. Decor is my thing. I love Christmas for that reason. ;-) No wonder my first "real" blog Simply Fabulous Chic was about interior and decor.
  6. Creating is my other thing. I love lettering, playing around with water color or my ecoline brushes on paper or practicing on my new iPad Pro.
  7. Currently living in Bruges but in my heart I still love my hometown Brasschaat. It's where I was born. I hope to live a bit closer to my family someday.
  8. I'm a recovering perfectionist. I hated failure so bad I already quit before starting. I try to let go more of those negative thoughts and I have to say I'm getting better at it. :-)
  9. While I'm now working hard not to gain weight (at some time in your life you have to work really hard for your body to keep it looking good, trust me) I still have a big heart for Belgian chocolate and the fries (they're not French by the way). Oh and hazelnut, ferrero rocher and limoncello are my all-time favorite ice cream flavors!
  10. My other favorite 'food' is of course, rosé. Or a chilled glass of champagne or a good ol' Cosmopolitan. Nom nom.